Busta di stoffa

Saturday, November 12th, 2005

ATC :: Busta di stoffa

Per le mie ATC Trestelle ho fatto due buste incollando carta all’esterno e stoffa all’interno. Questa ha stoffa verde-marroncino, mentre l’altra è rosso-rosato con lo stesso disegno.
Purtroppo un po’ di carta è rimasta incollata al tessuto in questa busta. :(

For my Trestelle ATCs I made two envelopes glueing paper on the outside and cloth on the inside. This one has green-brown cloth, while the other has pink-reddish with the same design.
Yeah, a bit of paper got stuck on the cloth on this one. :(
The drawing on front is a print of a doodle I did on new years’s eve with watercolor pencils.

The ATC envelope template is by Cedarseed.

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